I guess there are two words that people, at some point, begin to use to associate with themselves and this process:  Author and Writer.

Now at some point they learnt to write, so I guess that on the surface there are more writers out there than people would suggest.

Experience is a matter of time, the more experience we have, the more valid we likely feel our comments become.  People smash out words of wisdom left, right and centre.  The difference being some people would have it in tangible form that others can share, digest, disagree or elaborate on.  Others would repeatedly voice this to those around them that would listen or keep their thoughts to themselves like any upstanding member of society.

For better or worse, I’ve decided to have a go at being the first one…  From the sentence above, not the first ever Author/ Writer, that would be a lie.


I have been writing on and off at various levels since the age of 5-ish.  I grew up in Birmingham, United Kingdom with the accent to match.  I studied Film Production Technology in Staffordshire, the most Internationally recognisable qualification known to man.  But the course was right for me.  I met some great people, learnt more than you’d imagine and had a great time!

Since then I have bounced around various Television Broadcast companies as an Assistant Director and have settled at a Corporate Filmmaking company by the name of Affixxius Films as their Senior Producer, It’s pretty awesome.  We make really great films and I have a lot of fun doing what I love.

I should probably mention that this blog is my own and that any opinions and comments are my own and not reflective of any one else.  Not that I’m overly controversial or anything.

I hope you enjoy, if not thanks for stopping by and there’s some other good stuff on the internet to help yourself to!


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